EMwA CPD Course Catalogue

Course title CodeCEUDurationDelivery modalityCourse fee Course syllabusProvider
Antenatal care22 hrs. Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/antenatal-careGlobal Health
Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy122 daysF2FPaidEMwA
Diabetes Mellitus in pregnancy61 dayF2FPaid EMwA
Malaria in pregnancy 22 hrs. Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/malaria-pregnancyGlobal health
Antepartum hemorrhage 11 hr.Online Free Antepartum Haemorrhage - World Continuing Education Alliance (wcea.education)Neo consult
Assessment of fetal growth and condition during pregnancy 11:15 hrs. Online Free Assessment of Fetal Growth and Condition During Pregnancy - World Continuing Education Alliance (wcea.education)WCEA
Cancer in pregnancy and beyond 11 hr. Online Free WCEA appRCM
Obesity during pregnancy 1.51:30 hrs.Online Free WCEA appWCEA
Management and Prevention of Maternal Sepsis61 dayF2FPaid EMwA
Labor and delivery
Intrapartum Care122 daysF2FPaid EMwA
Prevention and management of preterm birth61 dayF2FPaid EMwA
Assisted vaginal breech and instrumental delivery122 daysF2FPaid EMwA
Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage 122 daysF2FPaidEMwA
Emergency obstetric and newborn care22 hrs. Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/emergency-obstetric-and-newborn-careGlobal Health
BALLARD Scoring 0.530 minOnline Free BALLARD Scoring - World Continuing Education Alliance (wcea.education)Neo consult
Care of low birth weight infants 11 hr.Online Free Care of Low-Birth-Weight Infants - World Continuing Education Alliance (wcea.education)Neo consult
Basic resuscitation of the newborn 0.530 minOnline Free Basic Resuscitation of the Newborn - World Continuing Education Alliance (wcea.education)Neo consult
Introduction to the WHO labor care guide 44 hrs.Online Free WCEA appWCEA
Pregnancy and birth during COVID-190.530 min Online Free WCEA appMaternity foundation
Oral Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)44 hrs. Online Free WCEA appJhpiego
Postnatal care domain
Postnatal Care 22 hrs. Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/postnatal-careGlobal health
Essential newborn care and neonatal resuscitation122 daysF2FPaidEMwA
Case management of childhood illness22 hrs. Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/case-management-childhood-illnessGlobal Health
Newborn sepsis22 hrs.Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/newborn-sepsisGlobal Health
Essential steps improving newborn survival2.52:30 hrs. Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/essential-steps-improving-newborn-survivalGlobal health
Immunization essentials 22 hrs.Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/immunization-essentialsGlobal health
Ethics and professionalism
Respectful Maternity Care61 daysF2FPaidEMwA
Family Planning and abortion care
Contraceptive Implants 122 daysF2FPaidEMwA
Hormonal methods of contraception 22 hrs.Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/hormonal-methods-contraceptionGlobal health
Intrauterine Device 22 hrs. Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/iudGlobal health
LA/PMs- A Smart FP/RH Program Investment22 hrs.Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/la-pms-smart-fp-rh-program-investmentGlobal health
Family planning 1012.52:30 hrs.Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/family-planning-101Global health
Family planning counseling 33 hrs.Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/family-planning-counseling-0Global health
Post Abortion Care (PAC)33 hrs.Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/postabortion-care-pacGlobal health
Research skills
Key definitions, identification and reporting of perinatal deaths 11 hr.Online Free WCEA appWCEA
Collecting, analyzing and documenting perinatal data11 hr.Online Free WCEA appWCEA
Key definition of maternal death surveillance and response 0.530 minOnline Free WCEA appWCEA
Pedagogical skill
Public health
Nutrition introduction33 hrs.Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/nutrition-introduction-0Global Health
Youth sexual and reproductive health 33 hrs.Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/youth-sexual-and-reproductive-healthGlobal health
Female Genital Mutilation-cutting (FGM/C)2.52:30 hrs.Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/female-genital-mutilation-cutting-fgm-cGlobal health
Cervical cancer prevention (low resource settings)22 hrs.Online Free https://globalhealthlearning.org/course/cervical-cancer-prevention-low-resource-settingsGlobal health
The Who application of ICD-10 to deaths during pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium: ICD-MM11 hr.Online Free WCEA appWCEA
Leadership and management
Monitoring and evaluation of maternal and perinatal death surveillance and response system 11 hr.Online Free WCEA appWCEA
Appraisal skills for Midwifery managers2.52:30 hrs.Online Free WCEA appWCEA
Leadership: Coaching for leaders11 hr.Online Free WCEA appWCEA
Mentoring guidelines for Midwives 202011 hr.Online Free WCEA appICM
ICM advocacy toolkit for Midwives11 hr.Online Free WCEA appICM
Leadership framework: from theory to practice11 hr.Online Free WCEA appWCEA
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