Health [e] Foundation’s team visiting EMwA


A consortium project that works on capacity building for pre service and in service midwives  via e-learning and empower the community through Tena mobile service and Lucy mobile application.

Project Goal

Strengthen the capacity of Ethiopian midwives using e-learning, enabling them to continue to safely perform their core tasks of providing family planning, antenatal and postnatal care (ANC & PNC) during a pandemic and by improving care for victims of domestic and gender-based violence (GBV).
Support the work of midwives and empower women via the Tena mobile interactive voice response (IVR) service and mobile app LUCY.

Kick off workshop for pre-service midwives at DBU

Nuffic grant outputs

Dioraphte grant outputs

Output 1. The blended e-learning on maternal health, COVID-19 and SRHR topics is available for the four HE institutes and as continuous medical education via EMwA, enhancing the knowledge and skills of pre- and in-service midwives.

Output 2. Pre- and in-service midwives, employed at different health clinics in Ethiopia, that received the blended-learning training have the right knowledge and skills to be able to safely continue their services during the COVID-19 pandemic and any future (health) emergencies.

Output 3. The community is informed via an IVR/text mobile service on COVID-19, maternal health and SRHR.

Output 4. Survey on student’s satisfaction is embedded within consortium.

Output 5. Institutions of partners and collaborators are linked.

Output 1. Female Family[e] Education training for in-service midwives for improved midwifery care

Output 2. LUCY m-health service: information provision to the community about maternal and newborn health

Output 3. Sustainable integration via transfer of knowledge & skills and ownership of digital learning within EMwA

Output 4. Piloting cost recovery for training among participants and health facilities

Output 5. Measurement of the impact of the interventions is embedded in the project activities

Major Project Activities Phases

NASG application demonstration during follow up workshop at JU


e-learning demonstration during kick off workshop


opening speech by EMwA’s ED during kick off workshop for AAU

MVA skill demonstration during follow up workshop for AAU in-service midwives

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